"Bruno" 16x20 Acrylic on wood http://1amsf.com/ 2009 (SOLD)

"Little Miss Red Muffet" 36x356" Acrylic on Canvas Sale http://www.artwhino.com/

"Giant Bilbil Boy" Acrylic on Wood http://www.artwhino.com/ 2008


"Children of Peter North" 5-pc. 8x8" Series Acrylic on Wood BOXED 2009 Cubicle Gallery

''Riding with Bubu'' 8x10 inches Acrylic on Wood

Heavy Hitterz Manila Pablo Gallery 2008 (Sold)

''The Bloby-Blob Rider'' 20 x 20'' Acrylic on Wood



48"x48" Acrylic on Wood Beato Angelico Gallery 2007

Plank Decks Acrylic on Skate Decks 2007 (Sold)

"Swing Swing" Acrylic on Wood Big Sky Mind 2006


"Reyna de Puta" Acrylic on Wood Big Sky Mind 2006